Information for clinicians

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Using PozQoL for clinicians

About PozQoL

If you’re new to PozQoL, this is a good place to start. Information includes:

  • What is PozQoL
  • Why use PozQoL

Using PozQoL in clinical services

This information was prepared in consultation with clinicians who have already used PozQoL in their own work:

  • Why use PozQoL in clinical services
  • Tips for clinicians using PozQoL
  • Overcoming time and logistical restraints
  • What to do if a patient presents with a PozQoL Scale

Benefits of measuring quality of life

Measuring quality of life among people living with HIV

  • Why measure quality of life among people living with HIV
  • Measuring health-related quality of life
  • HIV-specific health-related quality of life domains
  • Using PozQoL to measuring health-related quality of life among people living with HIV

Achieve better HIV outcomes using quality of life measures

  • Why use quality of life measures
  • HIV outcomes
  • ‘Beyond Viral Suppression’ — A global movement to shift focus towards quality of life

Improve HIV care quality using quality of life measures

  • Patient-reported outcome measures and HIV care quality
  • Person-centred values in HIV care

PozQoL Stories from clinical settings

The following ‘PozQoL Stories’ describe real-life examples of PozQoL being used in clinical settings around the world.

🎥 Using PozQoL at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital

Sep 3, 20213 min read
HIV clinician and researcher Professor Jenny Hoy talks about the benefits of using PozQoL in clinical settings. (Duration: 2m15s)

PozQoL helping improve understanding of HRQoL among PLHIV in the United States

Sep 18, 20202 min read
Multiple US studies use PozQoL to help understand the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Aotearoa New Zealand study using PozQoL to help understand HIV stigma and discrimination

Sep 14, 20201 min read
Researchers are using PozQoL to help describe PLHIV experiences of stigma and discrimination in Aotearoa New Zealand.

PozQoL used as an outcome measure in South Korean study

Jul 20, 20202 min read
Together with ViiV Healthcare, Yonsei University and Severance Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, are using PozQoL in their research with people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Help! My patient has presented with a PozQoL scale and I don’t know what to do

PozQoL is a short, validated quality of life survey for people living with HIV.

If your patient does not need urgent support, it may be a good idea to make a follow-up appointment to give yourself time to familiarise yourself with understanding the scale and working with PozQoL scores.

However, if your patient urgently needs to address their concerns at the time, the following steps may be helpful.

If your patient has presented with a completed survey but without calculated PozQoL scores:

  1. Calculate PozQoL scores using the PozQoL calculator for individuals (Microsoft Excel file) OR ViiV’s online tool
  2. Use the PozQoL Score Thresholds tables to understand what the PozQoL Scores mean
  3. Check the Using PozQoL Scores table for some suggested actions and referral options

If your patient has presented with PozQoL scores already calculated:

  1. Use the PozQoL score thresholds tables to understand what the scores mean
  2. Check the using PozQoL scores table for some suggested actions and referral options