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PozQoL Stories:
Using PozQoL in community and peer support services

The PozQoL Stories on this page talk about how the PozQoL Scale is being used in community and support services for people living with HIV.

PozQoL can help community and peer organisations to measure and track the quality of life of HIV-positive clients, and make it easier to evaluate the impact of their work.

If you are a community or peer worker using PozQoL and you would like to share your story, please get in touch.

Queensland Positive People (QPP) using PozQoL in Life+ Program

Queensland Positive People (QPP) use PozQoL to evaluate their Life+ Program, which supports people with living with HIV throughout Qld.
Oct 30, 2020

PozQoL an invaluable tool, helping support people living with HIV in Montreal

PozQoL is being used in Le Cercle Orange, a Canadian project supporting people living with HIV (PLHIV) who do not have access to health care.
Sep 28, 2020

Living Positive Victoria — Using PozQoL to monitor and evaluate peer programs

PLHIV organisation, Living Positive Victoria, uses PozQoL to monitor and evaluate their peer programs for people newly diagnosed with HIV.
Sep 11, 2020

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