Valuing quality of life among people with HIV

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The PozQoL Scale measures changes in quality of life among people living with HIV.

Using PozQoL can help you:

  • Better understand the needs of people living with HIV

  • Improve the quality of the care and services you provide to clients and patients living with HIV

  • Make better decisions to improve health outcomes and quality of life for people living with HIV
Welcome to the PozQoL Website
Associate Professor Graham Brown — one of the PozQoL Project’s lead investigators — welcomes you to the PozQoL Website. (Transcript below)

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What you’ll find on our site

The information and resources on our site are designed to help you get the most out of the PozQoL Scale and improve the way you work with people living with HIV.

An image of good quality of life: a transgender woman and her daughter laughing together


  • What quality of life is and how it is affected by HIV
  • How to measure quality of life of people with HIV
  • Why focus on quality of life when working with people with HIV

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About PozQoL

  • Benefits of using PozQoL
  • About the PozQoL Project
  • How the PozQoL Scale was developed and tested

An image of good quality of life: a close up of an affectionate, young gay couple in an embrace

Using PozQoL

  • How to administer PozQoL
  • Calculating, understanding, and using PozQoL Scores
  • Using PozQoL in your work

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Scale and Tools

  • Download the PozQoL Scale in your language
  • Download tools to help you use PozQoL

PozQoL Stories

  • Read stories about other people’s experiences using PozQoL
  • Find out where and how PozQoL is being used

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PozQoL was developed by

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Video Transcript

‘Welcome to the PozQoL Website’ with Associate Professor Graham Brown, one of the PozQoL Project‘s lead investigators

Hi! Welcome to the PozQoL Website.

I’m Graham Brown, one of investigators of the PozQoL Study.

PozQoL is a short, validated scale to measure changes in quality of life of people living with HIV.

PozQoL is actually a collaboration of community, research, and the health sector. We set out to develop a short, freely available scale that could be easily incorporated into day-to-day practice of health services, community and peer programs, and in research.

On this website you’ll find the scale itself in a range of different languages. You’ll also find details about how we developed the scale, the reliability and validity testing, where we have trialled its use in practice, as well as guides on how to use PozQoL.

We hope you find PozQoL really useful and we look forward to hearing about your experience with it.


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