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Building the PozQoL Website


This website is published in English. We have tried to keep the website content as simple as possible.

Where possible, the content is in plain English (Flesch Reading Ease Score of 60+ and Flesch-Kincaid Grade level 9 or below).

We hope this makes it more accessible for everyone (and easier for translation tools to translate).


Unless otherwise stated, we have used stock images on the PozQoL Website. These images are available for use by the public without the need to provide attribution to the photographer.

The use of photos on the PozQoL Website implies nothing about HIV status of the people in them.


The development of this website was funded by:

People living with HIV provided valuable feedback and advice on the website’s content, structure, and design. Special thanks to our partners for their time and contribution to this process:

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped us with creating the content, sourcing images, and refining the PozQoL Website.

Header image from ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock’s HIV in View collection