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PozQoL Stories

What are PozQoL Stories

PozQoL Stories showcase how and where PozQoL is used in different contexts. Most of them are by the people who have used, or who are using, PozQoL.

Look through all of the stories or explore them using the lists below.

If you would like to share your own story, please check out our guidelines and get in touch!

Do you have a PozQoL Story to share?

Guidelines for sharing your own story

Purpose of the PozQoL Stories

PozQoL Stories provide a space where:

  • Organisations using PozQoL can share their experiences and findings
  • Organisations thinking about using PozQoL can find ideas, tips, and confidence

Who can contribute to PozQoL Stories

Organisations that are using, or have used, PozQoL in their work with PLHIV are welcome to share their story.

What to write about

In order for the posts to be as helpful as possible, we ask authors to include (where relevant):

  • In what service, project, study, program (etc.) did you use PozQoL?
  • Where (what location) and in which languages did you use PozQoL?
  • How did you use PozQoL?
  • Why did you choose PozQoL?
  • What was useful about PozQoL?

Other information you might like to include:

  • What did you learn? (Have you published anything?)
  • Do you have any messages or advice for others thinking about using PozQoL?
  • Does your service, program, study (etc) have a website?
  • Do you have contact details you are happy to share? (Can people looking for more information get in touch with you?)

Guidelines for language

Please provide your story in English. You are welcome to provide your story in other languages* as well.

Please be mindful that not everyone finds it easy to read in English. We ask you to write in plain English.

This includes keeping your:

  • Sentences and words simple
  • Sentences and paragraphs short

Tools to help with writing in plain English:

*Please note, to ensure the safety of our communities, we cannot publish stories in languages other than English unless we can independently confirm that they are true translations of the English version.

Guidelines for images

  • You must have the right to publish the image for this purpose
  • If necessary, please provide attribution information
  • Header images should be large enough to use in the header
  • Images must not contain identifiable images of adults (aged 18 and over) unless you have and can share their signed consent
  • Images must not contain identifiable images of children (aged 17 and under) unless you have and can share signed consent from their parents or legal guardians

What to do next

  1. Contact us to discuss your story.
  2. Send us:
    1. The text of your story (around 300 words)
    2. A short blurb about yourself (50-100 words)
    3. At least one image that we can use in the header*
    4. A profile picture of yourself (optional)
  3. Our editor will work with you to make sure that what we publish meets our guidelines and stays true to your voice and story.

* If you do not have any suitable images, we can help you find a stock image

Header image from ViiV Healthcare and Shutterstock’s HIV in View collection